Norton includes various exclusive subscriptions that provide absolute and enhanced protection to all your devices. It is an obligation to register with Norton in order to buy, access any existing subscription or for Norton Setup. login.norton.com is a platform where any user can conveniently set up an account or sign in to Norton without any interruption or failure. This article gives you a concise and comprehensive procedure with complete information on how to create or access your Norton account.

Norton Registration via login.norton.com

  1. Users first have to open a web browser that should not include any unusable or inappropriate files for better performance. 
  2. Once you have launched a reliable web browser, insert login.norton.com in the address bar. 
  3. Welcome to the Norton Lifelock window will be presented on your screen. To handle all your purchased subscriptions and perform its advanced features, click on Create an Account tab. 
  4. Now, you will see a full-fledged Norton account creation form which consists of obligatory fields that need to be completed for a successful registration. 
  5. The first and foremost field is Email Address. Here, you have to provide an eligible and official email id that can receive necessary emails from Norton. Once again, type the email address into the next field to avoid unnecessary errors. 
  6. In order to prevent unauthorized and illegitimate access to your Norton subscriptions, set a powerful security key. Your password should combine alphanumeric characters, numbers, and symbols. 
  7. To carry forward, type your first and last name with accuracy into their particular fields. Also, it is recommended by Norton to provide your mobile number so that you can get immediate and instant messages of important details. 
  8. Further, select your correct country name and tick the product updates checkbox. By enabling the checkbox, you will get all the latest and relevant information related to Norton. 
  9. Also, read the Privacy Policy. You will find its link just above the Create Account button. Examine each and every statement of the Norton Privacy policy thoroughly. 
  10. When you have acknowledged the whole document completely, go back to login.norton.com. If you have no issue with Norton’s privacy policy, click on the Create Account button. 
  11. Promptly, you will get an account confirmation mail on the same email id that you have given in the above step. So, click on the Verify button by accessing the mail from the inbox folder.

Sign In to Norton

  • Access a trustworthy and reliable web browser. Then move to login.norton.com by typing it into the address bar. 
  • Norton Sign In window will come into view and request you to provide your registered credentials. 
  • Hence, enter the email id accurately into its assigned field. Thereafter, provide your Norton passphrase so that you can easily access your account. 
  • You will also notice a checkbox Remember me on this device. If you tick this box, it will eliminate the hassle of entering the login credentials again and again. 
  • At last, click on the Sign In button and the Accounts Settings window will be presented on your screen successfully.