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How to Norton Antivirus?

Norton Antivirus offers industry-leading and easy-to-use protection with the main objective of protecting your devices from viruses, scams, fraud, and cybercrimes. This software is specifically designed to provide a multi-layered shield to your PC, Mac, mobile, tablets, etc. It aims to maintain your online privacy by encrypting all your sensitive data into a code to prevent illegitimate access. 

Norton Antivirus

The antivirus scans your devices within seconds to detect the most recent threats and remove them automatically. The software has various advanced tools that store your distinct account passwords, credit card, debit card information, and other credentials. It offers real-time threat protection to eliminate all the emerging threats before it adversely affects your device. Further, Norton gives you prompts warnings whenever you seek to launch any website that consists of malicious or harmful content. Also, the software gives effective family protection. It has a feature of Parental Control that monitors and tracks your kid’s web-based activities. Norton has numerous comprehensive plans such as Antivirus Plus, Standard, Deluxe with additional and enhanced features. For, you can buy any plan that best defines your requirements by visiting the official web page of Norton.

Why Choose Norton Antivirus?

Norton Antivirus provides you groundbreaking and ultimate protection that keeps your devices away from all the existing online threats. The software comes with exclusive features and helps you to stay secure online without any interruption. Norton completely eradicates all the viruses from your system without even impacting its performance. With the software on your system, you do not need to worry about any of the online threats or cybercrimes. Now, look at the innovative features of Norton that are given below for
  • Norton has a Cloud Backup feature that secures your private photos or confidential files in case your device is stolen, ransomware attacks, or hardware failures. In such scenarios, Norton automatically transfers all the data to cloud storage.
  • The software provides you a Smart Firewall that periodically monitors all the traffic sent and received from your specific device. If the software found any damaged or hazardous file, it will block them immediately. 
  • It offers a SafeCam for your PC that does not let any hacker access your Webcam without your permission. Also, if an unauthorized user attempts to access your Webcam, it gives you an alert immediately and helps you in blocking them.
  • Norton provides you a Virtual Private Network that protects your online activities while connecting with a public or shared Wifi network.

How to create my Norton Account?

Norton Account
  1. Access a secure, safe, and user-friendly web browser, for example, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge Chromium, etc. 
  2. Now, input in the web browser’s address bar and press the Enter key on your keyboard. Apparently the Norton homepage will be displayed on your screen for
  3. Here, you will notice a Sign In option which is positioned next to the Search icon. Move your cursor and place it on the Sign In option.
  4.  It will show you distinct and specific options, simply select the Account Information option and you will promptly be taken to the Sign In window. 
  5. Now, you will discover the Create an Account tab just beside the “Sign In” tab. Click on it and you will see some mandatory fields that need to be filled for first time registration with Norton. 
  6. Hence, type your current working and valid email address into the assigned field. Thereafter, verify the email address by inserting it again into the next field. 
  7. Now, generate a safe and strong password to secure all your Norton information. Also, provide your first and last name into their designated fields. 
  8. Further, input your 10 digits mobile number and country name into their given separate fields. Also, acknowledge the Privacy Policy of Norton and tick the checkbox to get the most recent product updates. 
  9. Finally, click the Create Account button and check the account confirmation mail on your provided email address. 

How to Download Norton?

Norton Download
  1. Ahead to and you will spot Products & Services tab on the top panel of the homepage.
  2. Put the cursor on the same tab and choose between Comprehensive Plans, Device Security, Online Privacy, etc. You can also select the More Norton option to explore all its products. 
  3. Now, select your desired Norton software that best serves your needs and then click on the Subscribe Now button. 
  4. By doing so, the Shopping Cart window will be presented on your screen. Review the Order Total and click on the Proceed to Secure Checkout button. 
  5. You will be requested to sign in to your account. Correctly provide the Norton credentials into their particular fields and then click on the Sign In button. 
  6. The Norton Billing & Payment window will come into view. Firstly, select a significant payment method that is working and suitable for you. Then, provide its necessary fields, such as Cardholder name, card number, date and year of expiration, security code, etc. 
  7. Thereafter, complete all the essential fields of Billing details i.e proper address, city, state, country. Also, add your mobile number.
  8. Click Next. Confirm your order by clicking on the Place Order button. Now, access your Norton account and on the main interface,  you will easily find your purchased subscription. Select the Download button for norton.
  9. Analyze the terms and conditions of Norton properly. Then, click on the Agree and Download button. Instantly, download processing will begin and you should patiently wait for its completion.

How to install Norton?

Install Norton
  1. As your subscribed Norton product is downloaded successfully, you need to locate the setup file into the Downloads folder. Once you have identified the file, double-click on it. 
  2. The User Account Control pop-up box will come up on your screen right away. To grant your acceptance for making certain modifications to your computer, you are supposed to click on the yes button. 
  3. The Norton main installer window will be seen on your screen. Just below the Install button, you will notice three different links i.e Norton License Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Third-Party Notices. 
  4. Open the respective links and thoroughly review each of the documents. Then, return back to the Norton installer window. It is recommended that you enable the mentioned checkbox to allow your computer to automatically detect the threats. 
  5. Now, click on the Install button for Norton and the software package will commence installing. The process might take a few minutes depending upon your internet speed. 
  6. When installed, you can proceed to Norton Setup.

Activating your Norton subscription lets you enjoy all the Norton features and keep your system secure from various cyber threats. After you are done with purchasing a Norton subscription, you can start with the activation process. 

Note: To activate Norton, you must have your product key with you. There are multiple locations where you can find your product key such as confirmation mail, back of product box, in Norton account, or activation card. 

  • Commence the process by visiting Norton Activation window

The first step of the process is to proceed to the Norton activation window. To do so, you need to launch a web browser and enter “”. Entering the URL in the address field and pressing the “Enter” key will take you to the desired webpage. To step forward, you have to press the “Enter a Product Key” tab. 

  • Access your Norton account

Next, you need to sign in to your Norton account or create a new one, if required. For sign-in, type in the email address that is associated with your account. Followed by this, enter the password that you have created for keeping your Norton account secure. After entering, confirm the process by hitting the “Sign In” tab.

  • Enter the Product key

Once you confirm the Sign-in process, you will get a long tab asking you to enter your Norton Product Key. With all your attention, you have to enter the product key in the given field and hit the arrow tab to end the activation process successfully.

How to Activate Norton?

Norton Activate

How do I change my Norton account password?

A password is a set of few characteristics that work as a user identifier and protects the account or app or file from unauthorized access. It is an important piece of information that must not be so easy to understand by everyone. You need to keep updating your password at a regular interval of time to make your account more stable and secure. Similarly, for keeping your Norton account safe, you must change your password every now and then. After you are done with Norton, you can change your password by following the directions provided below.

  1. Begin the process by signing in to your Norton account. To do so, you have to proceed to the “” webpage, and using the credentials you have to access your account. 
  2. In the main interface of your account, click the profile icon from the upper-right corner and choose “Personal Information” from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Now, tap the “Edit” icon which is located near the Password field. 
  4. The next window will show you the fields to create a new password. Start by entering the current password of your account. 
  5.  After that, create a new password for your account keeping in mind the essentials requirements such as uppercase letter, lowercase letter, symbol, and number. 
  6. In the password confirmation box, re-enter the password you have created.
  7. Confirm the process by tapping the “Change Password” tab.

You need to renew your Norton subscription to continue the protection that you are enjoying. To keep using the Norton features and protection, you need to renew your subscription before it ends. Norton will inform you whenever your subscription is about to end and you need to renew it. 

To renew Norton subscription you are provided with two options. You can either opt for Automatic Norton Renewal Service or can do it manually. For renewing, you don’t need to perform the process again. All you need is to purchase a Norton subscription and activate it. The process for renewing is provided below. 

Automatic Renewing Subscription: 

Opting this service does not require you to perform the actions manually. This service will save all your personal as well as billing details and renew your subscription on its own before it gets end. You can also turn it off later if required. 

Manual Method Renewing of Norton Subscription:

  • Log in to your Norton account and in the interface locate and choose the “Device Security” option. 
  • Select “Renew”.
  • Now, you need to purchase a new Norton subscription by selecting the product, sign in to your account, enter the required details, etc. 
  • Once your purchase gets completed, your subscription will automatically get renewed and you can continue enjoying the subscription.

How to renew Norton Subscription?

How to Reinstall Norton?

Reinstalling the Norton application is the highly used troubleshooting method. This might help you in fixing several issues that are hindering the working of your antivirus. To do so, you can either opt for automatic reinstallation or do it manually by yourself. You have to perform the norton process again for reinstallation. To know more about this and reinstall Norton successfully, you have to follow the directions given below.

Reinstall Norton via “Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool”:

This is an automatic reinstall tool that is compatible only with the Windows OS. If you are a Windows user, then you can download the tool and run it. It will then uninstall the current Norton application from your device, restart your system, and install the new application on its own. With the help of this tool, you don’t need to perform any function manually. 

Reinstall Norton Manually:

If you are a mac user or you need to reinstall Norton application without using the tool, then you first have to uninstall the installed application. After you are done with uninstallation, you have to perform the norton process by following the given instructions:

Reinstall Norton


If you have the downloaded setup file, then you can skip this step. Otherwise, download the Norton setup file by clicking the “Download” link either from your Norton account or purchase confirmation mail.


To install, double-click the setup file, grant the permission, read the license agreement, and hit “Install”. Mac users have to enter the administrative password too. 


For activation, you have to make use of your old product key to enjoy the subscription that you have already purchased. You will find the key either in the product box, confirmation mail or in your Norton account.